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Psychology Students
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This is a haven for the student of psychology. Please, feel free to come here and discuss your interests in the field, research, ask questions, etc. Discuss your coursework. Discuss the academic stress. Are you unsure of what you're going to do after graduating or what you want to do? Discuss, discuss, discuss.

Note: At this point in time, this is a open community and anonymous commentary are allowed. Let's try to keep it that way. This community is also largely unmoderated. The creator feels that given the previous openness of this community and the diversity of the field of psychology, clamping down and setting up rigid limitations and guided discussions is not in the community's best interests.

Members here are, however, asked to uphold a few basic guidelines:

1) Do not give out diagnoses nor attempt to be someone's therapist while you are posting here.
2) Self-disclosure is a fine line. If you have a diagnosis, are currently in therapy, or feel that you qualify for some diagnosis, please limit discussion of it in this community.
3) Similar to the previous guideline, remember that this community is academic in nature, not a self-help group. There are plenty of other communities on LJ that have better suited themes.
4) If you disagree with someone, do it respectfully.
5) If you feel you are being attacked by another member, contact a moderator of the community.

Current Moderators: concertina42, ancientone, cursedthesky, kaosrain, sleeping_martyr, and umlautless.

Additional notes: If you have stumbled upon this community and feel that you are in need of guidance and help for the sake of your own mental health, here are a few links to varied hotlines. We are not here to treat you. Here are some resources.

Hotline Links:
The AWARE Foundation - Mental Health Hotlines
Psych-Net Mental Health, Hotlines and Information Numbers
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